And ive been getting really obsessed with Sherlock because......

GET IT AHAHHAHAHA it took me a while to understand it! i was like "what the fuck is Sher? what does it have to do with Adler!?!?!?" then i was like OHH SHERLOCK =SHERLOCKED AHHAHAHAHA

I swear Scandal in Belgravia is one of the best episode/show i have seen in my life!

I just had so many emotions! It was so funny, shocking and sad it made me so angry yet so happy!
If youve never seen Sherlock i suggest this episode, i am gonna buy the book "scandal in Bohemia" because it features Irene Adler!
Just before the episode just know this, Sherlock is a very um.. "Stiff" man (no dirty jokes intended) and kinda of the stereotypical "dedicated to the job" kind of man, he is um.. Asexual so just no romanticness what-so-EVER! 

I think its really good because finally Sherlock shows some sort of sexuality! I mean he is a virgin! I swear i am still giggling now from the episode! Its just leaves me hanging on the edge of my seat!So perfectly directed, oh and the camera work! the editing! just everything is perfect!!!!! 

so good.

The writer for sherlock was none other then Steven Moffat!
I am guessing none of you know who he is?
Well he is the new writer for doctor who! he took over Russell  T Davies 

Russell stopped writing for doctor who when David Tennant left, so i kinda gave myself a doctor who break, i didnt really want to watch 11th doctor because of my love for David but i am gonna force myself to! Prob after exams! But yeah, Moffatt seems like a fantastic writer, i mean he did great with shelock, -i love the fact  they gave sherlock nicotine patches because in the books her smokes the pipe... A LOT, the little references with the hats and the blog LOL- and i heard the story lines are really great, so a boost from that! 

AND Benedict Cumberbatch... his so........ gaddjngcvunbhrcdb its like my ovary trigger!!! I am writing a song... well more of a poem.. about his perfect voice! I am totally a Cumberbitch! "throw your boobs in the air if youre a CUMBERBITCH!!!!!!" And i love his body in those tight purple button ups otiunyhbdgfsvgdmukjnfv i- cant- even- EMOTIONS! when he said "i took your pulse" i took a minute of silence for my bursted ovaries, they are way to perfect for each other! he she gets him all flustered makes my brgdjknsv

But when David left everything changed SO MUCH!

-rant time-

I mean not just the actor EVERTHING!
-The Tardis -The Intro -The super sonic screwdriver! -EVEN THE BLOODY SYMBOL! 
I swear to god in future episode they must include at least one of the ex-assistants!
I really hate the intro, i can barely hear the theme tune! it makes me sad :( 
Like at least for the 9th and 10th doctor they included the same characters, with his memory of rose and mickey! and when rose left he still mentioned her on and off!
But now its like they swiped his memory! STARTED A FRESH! :( sigh i shouldnt be saying this since i only watched 2 episodes of the 11th doctor!
I dont mind matt smith, i like him, he add the quirky side! But David would always be the one for me! His acting skills are remarkable!

And can i just say, he is a massive troll for leaving doctor who
i found it really smart bcause when you leave on the brink of everyone loving you, people will miss you more you know what i mean?
its like if he stayed on people wouldnt mind if he left cause you know he had his run
but if he left on the heighten on his fame people would be more divested
Its like dying young, when youre old people expect you to go, they still miss but not as much as if you died when you were young, get what i mean?

Yeah thats how fucked up i am.. 

Well i guess thats all from me today! TOODAALOOO!