My ovaries wanna take over my body and discuss men (YAY)

My dream guy!
i feel like i am asking for a lot in a guy i know ill never have
but its fun to dream

I know what everyone want "a tall funny guy"
well its true, i would love my man to make me laugh excuse me while i smoke my pipe and quote marilyn "if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything"

Now lets discuss looks wise
  • tall (duh)
  • Dark hair, preferably dark brown i honestly dont like blonds
  • long hair, not like shoulder i want a guy with not short hair so i can put my fingers through his fro, and messy like he doesnt give a shit! but i wouldnt mind a long haired hippie
  • NO ASAINS, ive seen too many in my day, i want my man whiter than white to have sexy kids (my ovaries took over for a sec)
  • I dont have high standards for face, at least he is cute in my eyes, i mean i find Noel Fielding sexy (google him)
  • Light eyes, we are all secretly looking for a nice aryan boy arent we? blue eyes are just dreamy or green even a light brown
  • Adorable smile, the one that makes you melt inside... mmmmmm
  • I know its odd and women usually go for "super buff hotties" but i like my men tall and skinny, not like lanky and weird and bones, kinda you know? Like Adam Levine in the vid "this love"
  • i am a queen of black clothing! eg today my mum came in with an adorable floral skirt and shes like "Do you likee...??" and i was like "oo its cute can i try it on?" and she was like "you like it? but.. its colourful" AHAH she has finaly adapted to my choice of fashion.
  • Sorry i have seem to trail off there, anyway black clothing, men who wear black, not fully black but yeah
  • Skinny-ish jeans not tight tight cant take em off, like just nice fitted pants, black, OOOOH i love guys with the jeans with one giant rip on one knee, i cut my jeans like that :)
  • Shirts just t-shirts like me, i dont mind tight
  • Shoes-boots chucks sneakers
  • jumper, i have to admit im the "wearing my boyfriends jumper" type
  • i do love guys in like a stiff collar shirt with a sweater and formal pants
  • I dont know why but ever since watching skins and seeing Sid wearing a bracelet while kissing cassie got me into guys who wear bracelets.. weird
  • I like worn out clothes
  • FUNNY AS FUCK, just a guy who understands my humour, a witty loser i mean some girls wants a ha-ha guy i want subtle and smart and makes you go ayeeee i get it
  • Confient HAS TO BE CONFIDENT again i am that type of girl who wants the guy to make the first move
  • Kinda in power, its kinda sexy when a guy its "on top" so to speak (no sexual innuendos please people! grow up!) just takes the lead, i am a failed feminist
  • More Confidents, the live life in the moment and isnt afraid to embarrass himself, like willing to do stupid things for fun, for example we decide to go to maccas and we dress up formal and bring table cloths and wine cups and plates and a poster of France and act like we are at a fancy restaurant as a joke, like everyday is a memory. AHAHA
  • Open minded, like not afraid of his sexuality and sensitive about different races, like not like "NO HOMO" kinda guy that annoys me and isnt afraid for change wants equality, ive had this stupid fantasy (not sexual) but you know when a girl is at a guys house and she wears his shirt and walks in with breakfast and is like "mornin babe!" i want him (as a joke) wear my clothes and comes in. That sounds weird doesnt it? ..... EVERYONES DIFFERENT :L
  • In a bromance! i want a guy who has a really close guy friend! to tell me secrets about him and like tell me embarrassing stories about him and bring him on our dates to make him feel excluded
  • MUSIC! i have a weak spot for musicians like really weak, too weak, seeing a man with a guitar makes me explode! Ability to sing is nice
  • Good taste in music, not todays music (ew) well i mean mainstream, the whole fucking rapping bull shit makes me cringe, he likes my kinda music i am loving the song "Caroline -The Shake Down Project" a mix between the Kinks and Tame Impala (a band i also very much love)
  • Ability to grow a beard, we can grow old together, i imagine his belly over flowing wearing suspenders i am skinny and frail wearing a long dress and we can tell kids to get off our lawns and fake having a heart attack :)
  • NOT CLINGY omfg if a guy is remotely clingy he is gone, and over protective i hate the kind of guys who are like "WHO WAS THE GUY YOU TALKING TO!?!?! ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME!!" ugh or "WHO IS THAT GUY YOU WERE TALKING TO ON FACEBOOK" "WHY DOES THAT GUY LIKE YOUR FACEBOOK PIC!?"
  •  i dont want him to be douchey i just hate douche bags
  • Fuck it attitude about clothing, i dont want a guy who is really really really good with fashion, its kinda weird, you know seeing a guy so well dressed its like, really? i dont mind if guys do it, i just dont want my guy to do it or else he wants tooo, i dont know, wants complements annd yeah i just want a guy who knows what he likes and puts it on without a second thought
I kinda never got back to this and it has been months so ill just upload it now