Knock Knock

Well i am beginning to watch doctor who
up to the third series
and i love Rose Tyler as the doctors assistant :(
i am so sad shes gone, i know shes gonna be featured in other episodes but i dont really like Martha, her character just annoys me i like Donna tho
i think i might skip all the Martha episodes ahaha
i just love David Tennant so much!

sigh sigh sigh i hate it when i become a fangirl cause i literally go crazy i am also fangirling with Hunger Games
its leonardo dicaprio all over again!

maybe im not giving Martha a chance
shes just so i donno like shes so nosey

oh and i'm almst up to the episode of the weeping angels!!!!!
i wish no one told me about them!!!!!!!!!!!
now i am too scared to watch ubgireadjknvrughjskndegrioajkndsv
and i am NOT good with scary things and now i know about scarecrows and doll houses

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok oko ko ko ko kokw okvcrgdfio must watch episodes with Martha
oh god i need help with the weeping angels