First day, to Last day of week.

Oh dear
Oh lord

I am so sleepy right now, Having Yayo by Lana Del Rey sing me to sleep

First day of school

It was a tuesday so it was over quickly

once i stepped out of the car it was like nothing changed

like there was no holiday

I feel really bad because i really dont like my Art practical

Ive be experimenting more with watercolour
and finding more influences/artist
and i really hate my art prac
its just so muddled
and forced
like miss keeps telling me to add more!
my style is just generally
obviously rough lines in pencil of a nude women
then blobs of paint to give is life and colour
i like that look
its simple and really calming
and the fine lines really show off the effort and techniques i use

But with my prac now i feel like its not really my style
like i am trying to hard
and it pisses me off because its "never good enough" for miss

And miss also forces a message we have to bring!
I chose Mental-illnesses and i am just so annoyed
combining my artworks together to make they seem linear is so difficult
because when i paint my head it just in another world (well jesus that was corny)
But in all seriousness i am fucked up the ass for art

This was one of my first artworks, its finished now but i dont like my result
the simple pink corners are now harsh red dabs

AND miss keeps telling me i need to erase the pencil
and its like
the basis of my style
how the fuck
i just
i am so depressed.

But now things have changed!!!!

Ive shown miss my "personal" works and she loved them
she was like "these are a million much better than your actual works, i actually like these"

I dont know weather its a compliment or an insult LOL

well lately school has been a blast, its weird
I am really proud of myself with Drama both of my test 17/20 YAYAYAY
and i was only one mark away from emily in one of the test

the year is getting better and better :)

But the only problem is me
i need to start doing some work at home goddammit i still havent done my hospo work :S

I should start now AHAHHA

yeah i should


You Lock the Door and Throw Away the Key.
There's Someone in my Head.
But its Not Me..
    -Pink Floyd