Dont you think life is so odd?

I think the government chose the worst time for people to do HSC

I mean during your teenage years?


I mean we are so hormonal and indecisive (i think...[see what i did there?])

I think all teenagers are delusional,
no i dont think

I guess you have to be delusional to make it through high school

you see what a pessimist i am?

well its true
I mean when you become a teenager you immediately think
HEY i am an adult now! i deserve to be treated with respect

and yet we do such silly things and act so childish

We dont see how hard it is to make a living
we just want to live now the with privileges that only thirty year old should have

we are all so stubborn and selfish

we all plan to live our dreams but never really set a path to reach it you know what i mean?

people dont realise how much they depend on their parents
we have it so easy and we just dont realise!

I mean sitting here right now i regret so many things and i want to start my life over because i didnt try

I feel like its too late, but i am still not trying

I want to tell myself its never too late, but there has to be an expiry date

Damn me and my procrastination skills

And i feel bad because i dont really want to live the average life

Everyone has the ability to choose two paths in their lives
The easy path: One is the average cycle of life
The rough and dangerous path: Change the world and live your dreams

In our years, being teenagers,
we look in the future, thinking to yourself, i want to change the world and make it a better place
live my dreams and be happy all la-di-fucking-da

the sad thing is, not many people make it that far, they fall into the pit hole of the mundane lifestyle

Get a stable job
Getting hitched
buy a house
buy a car
having kids
hoping their kids dont end up like them and would change the world

But it is an endless cycle of never ending solitude

Those few people in the world step up and slightly push the world into a better place

I mean when we were kids did we care about recycling?
Do the kids now care about recycling?
FUCK yeah!
You see? the world might eventually become better, its just gonna take a long time but we have to keep going

The path i want to take is the rough one, extremely dangerous, the path where many people eventually turn around.

The path i want to peruse is my "dream career" path.

I am a Right-Brainer

I have to admit i am not smart but i have a shit load logic

I am a creative type

I love music and art and acting and self-expression!

I see things not many people can see.

I want to become a theatre actress in the UK and also a painter

You can already see how Delusional i am

I want to go to a theatre school but my parents wouldnt want me too

so my alternative is to go to uni and study "media and communications"

Teachers say its perfect for me

so i guess thats good

Then take a gap year in the UK or Europe!

try and kick-start my acting career

if that doesnt work out, back to australia i go and join everyone else with breeding

woah just typing that makes my heart sink.

I want to be an actress to bad

Its like being another person

Having people see you in another way

the thing about actors is that its kinda scary
under that character is a whole other person

I think thats why i love acting
people are easily fooled into thinking youre someone else
Its like lying for people entertainment.

and its acceptable.

 Dont you think life is so odd?

Or is it just me?