The minor Character

So lately i have been obsessed with David Tennant!
he is just a brilliant actor!
i love him in this

Watching it made me so inspired because it was so well written, very haunting!
and after that it just felt like writing and bobina assigned me a word cause i really wanted to write!
and out of all the words he gave me he gave me "twilight!"
i was reluctant but he said it doesnt have to be like the book twilight

so i began writing

I sat alone watching the room, it held an eerie presence, judging by the light peeping through the windows and the dreary weather it was around five, five-thirty? Judging by my watch it was in fact six-twenty, way past closing time. I grabbed my jacket from behind my chair and began pacing toward the back room, passing shelves and shelves of unpopular DVDS.
Another boring day starring at freaks attempting to go unnoticed while walking into the "adult video" section. Who am i kidding? its rather entertaining, especially when i stare at them in disapproval. My hand hovered above the light switch, pausing i scanned the room incase something were to appear, why do i pause? i guess its some sort of human instinct to know where you are going when they cant see a thing. Up went the switch as the room blacked out, *ting* went the entrance bell of the store, attempting to dodge every unseen obstacle, i muttered, almost shouting "SORRY THE STORE IS CLOSED!" then i finally reached the light in the front room.

She stood there watching me with a blank face, she had an average yet pretty face, easily unnoticed in a large crowed, she held a dvd in her hand and slowly put it back on the shelf. Oh god she is making eye contact, why am i afraid of eye contact? Why am i watching my feet? I looked up again and she continued to scan for a DVD. "Sorry miss i am afraid we are closed" i said hiding behind the cash register. She continued to watch the shelves as the walked down the short isles. "Um miss, sorry i forgot to turn the thing to closed" she just ignored me as her pale finger tips softly caressed the DVDS while she waltzed down the isles. How am i going to get her out? Force? Does that count as assault? She continued to prance around the room in her blue outfit.
She wore a navy trench coat which appeared like a dress hiding her inner clothes, a brighter, more fluorescent blue stockings finished with dark blue shoes and beanie. "Miss you are going to have to leave, please?" she still ignored me! She had extremely pale skin and fiery red hair, this time she looked at me with a cheeky smile, noticing me as i scanned her body. I felt her eyes examine me back.

Her voice was soft and appeared sweet "Hey, im Amber". She drew closer, smelling of coconuts and cream, face to face now, she had freckles. I never cared for freckles before, until now, she made the appear rather… sexy as they piled on her nose, then spread out like an explosion scattered across her face and neck. Her eyes were deep blue, i know its cheesy but i was lost in her eyes. Wait.. lost in her eyes? i am making eye contact.. i feel sweat.. EVERYWHERE. Oh god. to. much. eye. contact. to. much. pressure! Thats better, what am i looking at? oh god, her breast! I AM LOOKING AT HER BREAST! WHY AM I!? She merely giggled and repeated, "Amber" forcing her hand into my hand for a friendly shake.
Amber? isn't it rather ironic since you have red hair? "What?" she said sharply, oh no i am thinking out loud again. Again she laughed, leaning closer whispering into my ear "its not my real name".
She began to amble her way across the other side of the room towards the exit and yet she settled down leaning on a shelf. Why isn't she leaving? Please i am wasting valuable internet time! "miss" i forced out, "you hav-" Then she began to talk. She talked as if it was scripted, as if she's said it all before.

I dont usually write in first person until i watched that video i was so wow about the language used
ive never known what an advantage you could get from first person!

and it just inspired me to write, my favourite part was when he found out about the two ladies sleeping together. How he found everything so beautiful its just and his acting! AMAZING!! His pauses and he just looks right trough you its so chilling!

well someday i am gonna finish the tale of hmm what title should it be?
Amber hair? Ambers Twilight?