Script Writing.

I have recently become very obsessed with writing
i am starting to write songs and stories and even a script!

LOL no i havent really writing a script i found an old one i wrote
i wrote it for english, me and tian
we had to write something about conflicts in relationships or families and stuff

And we wrote a play about a single teen mum (now older around late 30's) and her daughter and kinda of a role reversal life style

Here it is!

Marie Annette: I'm sorry I'm sorry SORRY SORRY I'm sorry please I'm so so so sorry!

Bel: For what?
For making you mad….?
Mad? Me? When have i ever been mad at you constantly embarrassing me in front of others with your drunk habits and your stupidity? Or when you come home with your numerous chain of boyfriends, turning our house into a pigsty? Me Mad? NO! Just… Help me clean up, (whispers) Like you ever do

i swear i didn't mean to-
WELL THEN THANK GOD! i thought you wanted to throw up all over my boyfriend on purpose! 
No Mum, thanks for clearing that out for me! 
I said i'm sorry! please forgive me! C'mon Remember when you were 14 and you said we were best friends? 
(M.A comes in for a hug but Bel Dodges) 
Well im not fourteen anymore and neither are you Aren't "Best Friends" meant to look after each other and become reliable so that the other one can lean on when they're in trouble?
w-what are you saying?
i needed a mum, not a friend
For My whole life, i was barely able to look aft myself let alone you! -using me as a house maid-you have absolutely no responsibility! Not once have you cleaned the dishes or done the laundry! Your so inconsiderately selfish, you never thought how hard it was for me!

(M.A avoids eye contact and starts folding the clothes)

ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME, Geez at least give me some eye contact.
IM SORRY! please forgive me
I will never forgive you! i feel like such an idiot. Why am i constantly forgiving a liar who breaks every single promise?
Belinda LOOK!, you have no goddamn idea what it was like being a teenage mother! I fed you I clothed you i put a roof over your head! And this is how you repay me? NO RESPECT!
Respect? RESPECT!? YOU THINK YOU DESERVE RESPECT!?  I fed you I clothed you I put a roof over YOUR head
You no idea what its like to raise a baby on your own! 
I know exactly what its like to raise a baby on my own, you. you…. BITCH!

I don't deserve this

(Bel Storms out of the room)
Well your not the only one with issues! i wouldn't be in this mess if your- your father didn't die
he's not dead
WELL HES DEAD TO ME! YOU HEAR ME SEWART YOUR DEAD TO ME! Bastard said he'll be with me forever! Why didn't i put you up for adoption? The first year and he was already out the door. I had nothing my family didn't care, should've gotten that abortion! YOU! you ruined my life.
Not this again
i don't know why i kept you.  God dammit i was only 15 what was i thinking raising a child at that age? You know i could've been an actress, i could of been a star! You know i got one of the roles on bold and the beautiful? The Coma patient yeah. BUT NO your father knocked me up and ran like a the little pig he is! He doesn't even bother to visit! I had so much ahead of me, all i have now is nothing. Thanks to you i failed in life!
You don't mean it your drunk
i mean everything. you ruined everything .
all this time you've been blaming me for all of your problems I was blaming myself for your problems! It wasn't me it was you all along! You messed it all up by drinking and sleeping around and not being a true mother, and i thought you were cool for that. Say all you want, your the problem. You think i ruined your life? Fine it wont be so ruined if i leave
Wait. WHAT? NO YOU CANT LEAVE ME!  Where would you stay? Where would you go? 
I found a job offering in new york.. evan and I are renting an apartment im moving out in a few days, not like you care.
you already planned this? W-D-Why?
I need this
(starts to sing Maria Carey: I cant live with out you)

mum get down

Mum Don't

mum you'll wake up the neighbours
Shhh..,Shh… IM MARIAH! continues to sing
MUM MUM look at me.. have a little lie down and ill get you some panadol and some coffee..
(M.A nods)
Don't go
I have to
Please i need you 
What will i do while your gone?
(hands her a card)
It's Alcohol anonymous  
Im not an alcoholic
JUST LOOK AT YOU your a mess

I need you! ill Change, If i do this will you stay? Ill do anything, your my baby i cant live-
Mum its time to rest we'll talk about this in the morning night 
i love you 
i love you to mum goodbye


i really loved it at the time cause we got good marks, i think we couldve got more if it wasnt so poorly acted and under-rehearsed 

Re-reading it now it needs a few adjustments i mean LOL wtf :L

i guess ill be editing it attempting to make it longer, maybe even film it.

I am really obsessed with becoming an actress, no one knows how badly i want this

i want to be a theatre actress, on the stage with the light
sure everyone wants to be famous with their own perfume
but i dont want to, ok i do.... but not wildly famous... and no perfume, i mean i dont even wear perfume, i dont even like it, but if i got a perfume i would like it to smell..... kinda like tea or musk or lavender...

OK my brain just wondered off there
anyway! "famous"
I would love to be a british actress, working in britain is my dream life
i think the best thing about it (aside from being a massive anglo-phile) everyone is so connected and tight knit and if youre famous there americans dont know who you are!!!

I watch too many british tv shows and in every show at least 3 actors are in other shows ive seen!!

Other people would love to work along side i donno "johnny Depp" and someone else massively famous, i would love to work with Richard Ayoade

I love everything he is in and he is so funny and talented as a writer, director and actor!!
and i just love how awkward he is. 
Anyone famous, actually, ANYONE! thinks they are awkward! they havent seen Ayoade!!!! 

I swear its so funny watching his interview, he was staring at the host knee all the time and was like "youve got a very nice knee... have you heard about this think about knees? yeah its like your knee, its lovely it is really"

Sigh so awkward i love it