Sarcasm & Phases

lets carry on to the life and times of your dearly beloved Maria Chan

i say very odd things sometimes...

maybe it is because i love to embarrass myself in public
i do, you know? making strangers laugh, not a better feeling
i tend to wave my arms about with an obscure comment

people stare at we weirdly but i dont mind
i admit i am an attention seeker, i am a drama queen after all

i love EYES ON ME

see what an egotistical maniac i am?

i am perfect for an actress (OHHHHHHHHHHH SNAP)

i am also having an identity crisis, i try and be someone im not and i dont know its me, i guess i have to wait until it hits me and i know who i am. I mean i have had many phases

  • Year 6 K-pop phase
  • Year 7 Anime Phase
  • Year 8 Lebanese/hip hop people rock phase
  • Year 9 Scene/emo phase *face palm*
  • Year 10 Paramore Pop Rock Phase
  • Year 11 Hippy/indie Phase (BEATLES AND PSYCHEDELICNESS)
  • Year 12 Grunge Phase
Ive noticed in all the stupid phases ive always stuck with black nail polish and black clothing.

I love black, half of my cupboard is black! I guess i finally noticed what kinda fashion i like which is grunge, i thought it was punk but punk was too extreme. I would be the weirdest punk out there, i rock up in studs and leather, and a slab of eyeliner and then


"OMFG GUYS WASSUPPPP! *chest bump* now lets discuss our political views! "

Ive asked people if they thought i was sarcastic, i think i am honestly, bobina thinks i am, Sue thinks i am, no one else really does.

I think its because my sarcasm is to subtle, if people payed more attention to what i say they would see that i am very insulting and sarcastic, thank you Daria!

I think i am going to write down comments that i like and begin to write like a comedy routine, i would actually love to be a comedian, but i would play the race card a lot and it might offend.

But the best jokes are the offensive ones you gotta admit, i think the jokes ill write would be more the the first world problems and teenagers so a lot of people would relate.
Go on Australias got talent and embarrass myself even more in front of a whole nation, good times.
Anyways if my acts sucks they would forget me within a month, you know how fast people move on!

I am getting into listening to live shows, the music is different from studio, you see how much talent the artist really has, and plus guitar sounds more dirty and rugged, i like. I love seeing how tired the artist get and rocking out to their own songs with sweat dripping down their faces awesome.

I love the Black Keys, and gosh he is really rocking the beard

My future husband HAS to have the ability to grow a beard so when we get old we can become fat and creepy, AWWW YEAAH.

Talking about the future, my kids can be my novelty items
I want my daughters name to be Stacey, WHY YOU ASK!? well i am glad you asked


And i wanna name my son LUKE! WHY AGAIN YOU ASK!?
so my husband can be like


And i would like to thank everybody for the bad future mother of the year award, i appreciate your votes!

Gooodbyeeeee and ROCK ON

I Would Probably Adore You With Your Hands Around My Neck