apparently this field must not be blank??

hiya Cassie

its been a few days huh?

ive been so damn happy the last few days its insane

from the first day of melb til now

its all been family and friends and just fun fun

ive learnt a lot about myself and someone else during this period

today i just came from the local rsl club for Saphearaks bday

so fun fact cassie, my lad

im 18
Sap is 16
aand marcel is 10

rather essential parts of our lives, i guess, in a weird conventional way

and a sexc luvo 

 i just watched my some skins fiya

i love love the casting

im not gonna spoil but here are some sexy sex photos

uhm i cant like upload any more pics on this post apparently blogger is going all weird on me so i cant release photos how weird

ok lets carry on

so yeah today i spent the day with my mum and bros, my bros leaving later and my mum and i just shopped and talked which was nice and she told me about the boys shes liked

ive solved my problem

now ive just got to fix everything but i just want to run away to be honest

i dont really wanna be with anyone but my family for a while

i missed them since melb, i would update you cass if im bothered but there isnt much to say

the larger happenings from the trips are only for certain people to know

then here i am with my lovely family just lounging around

watching space jam while i blog its realy calming

were going to eat saps cake soon

mmmm cake

i think i should make a list for what to do like ems did!

i might copy some, but that only means we can do it together

i still havent had the opportunity to have a single day out with separate people in the group

aha leggo

actually nah i just wana do most of the things she wants

like get a job
have a fancy dinner, like i wanna wear my awesome boob dress and super sexy underwear where no one will see and wax my hooha for again no one to see

but itll be nice to feel clean fresh and hairless :D

i just wanna be girly

ooo we should have a girls day

fuck i need a damn job no


im going docs tmr

cause of my face

and menstruation cycle

ooo i also wanna chill in da c.t.

just listening to tyler, the creator

i cant really blog cause my brain is detached

i love the kik and errthang

but i need to chill with a diff group of people

maybe i should gather the english crew, see if anyone wants to hang

ooo i also wanna hang with brit, the girl i met in education ooooo she seems neato

she and i can go watch a concert

shes blonde

yeah im kinda out of it

im like



im happy

its weird, i was so depressed for a while, but, like, whats happening i am still slightly confused
oooooo that rabbit chick just kissed bugs bunny ooo hahahah

who knew michael jordan could act

oh i just got sims 3 uni

ill play that now
ok bye

i love you cass

Oh wait hold up cads forgot to mention what happened at gatsby 

So this happened:

Then this happened:

Finn, peace 

Slip it in her drink
and in the blink of an eye i can make a white girl look chink
 -Fish - Tyler, the creator