just keep on blogging

so today huh, i finally hit 6000 views which is pretty neat

i dont know why i chose to celebrate that particular number but bobby did so im copying him

hiya Cass how are you?

im blooming good


haha not really as you can tell by my previous post and maybe tweets, if you follow my twitter

we of course you do, youre just a figment of my imagination cass

im thinking of writing a super secret blog, with a whole new url and email and stuff, creating a person out of nowhere you know?

so yeah

ill just tell you about my day cass

i woke up (surprise)

but! at a late hour-ish, like 11? jess asked me if i wanted to go eat out and i was like, yeah- no

hells yeah, - thats more like it


we decided to go to dannys house

and he was like lets make shit and shit woo

and i was like yea k

and we went to pick up my bro

but somehow eeh ended up picking me up

and like bobby appeared and everyone was at my house at that point

as displayed here

and we made jello shots

then collin came

then we made filling or something

then jess left

then collin and i began carving an apple or something

then we went to ems house and i brought marcel

then i left

and i had a shower

and sat in my bed naked for like 100000 hours which was lovely

then i got up

made myself a cuppa cause i realised i was feeling under the weather

im sick yay, a day before the gatsby party,

hey lets play past and present

ill write what i think might happen at the party and then ill write a post on what actually happened

ill get my outfit so last min i come late to the party

im gonna get cold and ruin my outfit with jumpers

im gonna bring too much supplies to ems house

i try to get crazy drunk but end up chickening out when i get a bit cuddly 

admit a secret or 2 to someone totally random

leave early (12?) and get angry at my rents

cop a lecture, then sleep

man my expectations are rather crappy

but i feel rather crappy

but no need to worry cass, I'm just in a dry spill, ill get happy soon, im sure of it. i just need to figure somethings out

hugs and kisses

Miss Badass of the year

I got a little money and i got a little fame
Still smoking everyday to ease my mind and maintain
Addicted to success all i wanna do is gain
Drug with ambition i can feel it in my veins
-Domo Genesis - Boss' Life      (if you have the correct speakers the bass is super rad, and this song is so super chill i love it, ive been getting into rnb and rap its crazy but awesome)