Hey, its my day with Jay

 4th of June i hung out with a dude named Jay as i previously mentioned,

you re-call him Cass??

 black hair, hoodie, side bag?

so i looked like a pile of shit who only got about 4 hours sleep

thank god for red bull

just to let you know my method of studying or getting work done is to work in the middle of the night and be sleep deprived, ahh it feels good to be wired and high on energy drink

so yeah, i wrote myself deadlines for things to do

it was quite on track after a while

i think fate was in my favour that day

so yeah i was writing me essay, i had one paragraph left and i was just on that train at around, 1:30 or so

writing, writing andddd done i got all my work done before i got to central and i submitted it on the train without a proof read cause, no, no, no i couldnt look at any work

oh by the way, i was up all night writing notes, not writing the essay, i planned out my essay, ok im not gonna go into this, ugh essays can suck my cock

so yeah i wrote an essay in the nick of time and i get to central and yay!! my bus was already there so i didnt wait about 20 min for the next one

i get off the bus once it reaches Anzac Parade and guess who i see strolling out the exit

no one else but my good man, Jay

heys are exchanged and he goes

"handing in your essay huh?"

and im like "when other time than on the deadline?"

i couldnt find the drop box for the other essay that was due so i asked him whether or not he knew where it was

he was like "do you want me to show you"

tbh i couldve found out by myself but i didnt wanna go home alone, anyways Jay is great company

plus i was on whatsapp and i was like, ANYONE STILL AT UNI AND NOBODY REPLIED >:(

so yes up the campus we walk, but wait i had to print out my essay first haha

and in we go, he showed me where its at and i asked "you hungry"

i grabbed curry but he didnt want anything

he was just waiting around for me i suppose

i hope i wasnt annoying him by making him stick around with mee....

for 3 hours haha

but yeah

we sat at the cafeteria in UNSW and just hung out you know?

i ate my curry and we talked

He is a reddit guy whilst im a tumblr chick

we talked about liking certain documentaries and liking, well not liking

but having an interest in mental illness

in some parts we just talked about out problems very casually and i would hi-5 him cause i didnt know how else to tell him that i understood him

he is a real intelligent guy thats why i dig talking to him you know?

he is an atheist and i told him i thought i was for a while, when really i think im more of an Agnostic

we talked about pretentious atheist, and how we both used to be them

bobby changed my mind, i used to be like religion is stupid it just brainwashes people

and bobby made me see the light in god ahahah that it gives people faith and i used to give me faith when i was younger when i went to this christian group for kids

then we talked about fedoras and neck beards

ahaha and i dont know, i hope he and i become great friends cause he is a real joy to talk to

so then documentaries we both watched is this one about a little girl with beaming eyes

she was raped when she was a baby and when she began to age, like around the age of 5 or 6 she did very violent things like punch her little brother in the stomach at night or poke pins into dogs

but the end they placed her into this behavioural thing

and she became human again, she cried on the thought of hurting her brother it was real moving and she was so beautiful

we eventually left and headed off to central, he is a afl fan or something and he had re-constuctive knee surgery haha

we go there and i didnt want to leave him just yet so i showed him where hungry jacks was and i got myself a thick shake, we walked around central and went into a news agency

we sang the songs which came on the stereo and laughed at magazine covers

we left and roamed around central, he found out he is a maps geek

i have a large book on history and maps and im wondering if i should give it to him

just cause

i mean its not like my family or i would put good use to it!!

we went on and i told him about the book store around the uts exit

we went and i could tell he was tired

we showed me books he had to read and we just mainly talked about uni

i walked past the book "the real romney"

and at the same time we whispered it in this real pretentious voice

he has 2 older sisters and lives by the north shore

he told me his formal wasnt fun cause he got into a fight with this guy and it ended with glass all over his hands

thats all he would tell me

i think he said he was bi-polar but you can never relly say for sure cause you know how people thing they have an illness but say it as tho its an emotion?? you know what im saying cass??

anywho i would tell he was getting tired and i was afraid i was pushing his friendliness and i didnt know whether he wanted ot hang out with me or not soo.. hahah

we left and sat and talked more

he kept tellign me he was a gamer so i was like

what game do you play.. LOL?

and his face went all red and was like, not only that im one of the top players ahahah

he got so embarrassed it was adorable

he seems pertty anti-social and used to skateboard

it was weird cause i told him pretty personal stuff straight away and he told me outlandish stories about him ad its like yeah

we need to stay friends

i hope we do,

next time i see him i should get his number or skype or something

i hope he and i remain friends

then on we finally left

it was a cute goodbye, he gave me two chest bumps with his fist and a peace sign

ive been doing that a lot,

it has become my signature goodbye to the people who notice it

man Jay is nice and real sweet haha

peace out Cassie

love ya

Hello, the hype is so mellow
Bitch I'm dope but my pipe is so yellow

- Odd Toddlers - Tyler, the Creator
listen to the song the beat is so chill