6000000000000000 days in 1

FUck. so, im kind of a shit head Cass... and this became like 5000000000 post in one, so here is a bulk full of random days and shit man fuck

-------------------------------------------------------------- ∆

"Good old hsc days"

lets discuss cabra library

i went to the lib and met yavin

eventually we hear noises from the side and they installed vending and a coffee machine

which is really good cause in the vending machine there is a 4g usb for $4 and that is just plain genius!

like bobina

no wait

he is..


thankkk you and back to the story

so i awkwardly stood there as the librarians marvelled at their new toy and one looks at me and asks if i want one

fuck yeah i did and then i felt like they forgot me so i sat back in my seat and the librarian just walked up to me and was like

do you still want your coffee
adn and i got it for free! i was like "do i pay???" and she was just like "ITS ON THE HOUSE!"

yum yum it was like chcolate coffee water mmm

after i grabbed steak with yavin and drew which was nice

came back

saw bobby and i decided to sit with him!

it was real fun cause eventually collin, emily and jess joined with slight popups of danny and drew so most of the kik were at the lib so that was real neato

i really missed you guys ahaha

cant wait until we finish exams

next day


"How not to study featuring bobby"

So i went city with bobby the next day, you can kinda read about it on this (xXx)

He kinda explains things and I'm throwing you a bone bobby you better advertise me in your blog you slagggg

yeah and heres a photo

yeah it was night time cause im rebellious 

Here's one of us on a train f-yeah

-------------------------------   ∆ !!!!!!

"Hey it's my day with jay part 2"

The morning was very. Sad. I really hoped that he didnt notice I cried.

He and I have been talking for a while and well. We both needed to he out the house cause we became lazy bums sleeping at 3-5 am in the morning just skyping about nothing practically just linking each other reddit an tumbler nonsense!!

So yeah I was like you wanna study with me and he was like I can't but I'm free on the weekends an I was like ok cool and he was like yeah but I don't wanna study

So we chillaxed in the city cause he lives I chatswood which is far far away from me and city was just a meet up

Turnabout his line got track work! 

Bury each, he doesn't have a phone so we had to carefully plan the times we were gonna meet up at quay.

So we
So we chillaxed in the city cause he lives in chats wood which is far far away from me and city was just a meet up

Turns out his line got track work! Loserrrrr

But yeah, he doesn't have a phone so we had to carefully plan the times we were gonna meet up at quay which let I meeting and wynyard which didn't make sense cause I didn't know the platforms and it was just gobble de goop and we thought central but we felt like rebels cause central is mundane and oh so timid cause ugh memories of Uni EW am I right?

So there I was half asleep and just got a train off quay and he is just standing there. We decide to go customs so I can show him doctor who books, I don't really notice how quiet that library was until he was there LOL

So we leave to go pancakes on the rocks and getting kinda lost. Finding a massive boat on the rocks but we eventually found it so that's good. 

we got in cause there was only 2 people (obviously)

go in, got food, told the waitress we already ordered when really we didnt and i felt like a retard for like a minute

i ordered this bad boy

and jay ordered this

the bacon was amazing and there was this one couple beside us rubbing each others legs and staring into each others eyes which was very awkward

But yeah yeah ywah

Oh em gee, he watched the it crowd right and made jokes and I was like 

"The only times I don't share food (cause I was eating his bacon) is at a tapas restrant" 

And he was like 

"At a messyjoes" 

Fucken genius 

So yeah

after being packed with pancakes and bacon we made out way out of the rocks finding a market near by and we decided to explore 

Starring at weird wired dolls who looked like the spirit of Jazz and so called fossils and wooden toys and there was this one couple, the man was scottish and j does a rather radical Scottish accent and his Asian wife and their adorable daughter they were cool

We just kinda explored that area and some markets wouldn't allow photos which was shite but we eventually walked into someone's apartment building cause it was just open and then

We found totally swingin Victorian buildings and everything was so truncated and cool here are some photos 

The view was just plain lovely and eventually when we got out to a dead end it was a bar so tht was interesting, we exited that area through a corner store cafe and I told j that I wanted to show him this art gallery and instead we walked into this other guys one

His paintings were amazing and the studie was 3 stories high!! 

I really liked his paintings cause he had a very cultural and 80s theme and played with different methods of painting along with traditional and not only that he played with shaped and shading to add a surreal side to his painting and also invited the audience and sometimes I just love art

And sometimes it just fucking confuses me

Like one the second art gallery we went to,

Contemporary arts, I feel like all it does is make this audience feel uncomfortable or uses different kinda of materials!!

Ok sure it's pretty and innovative but what does this mean

And it was labelled untitled  I mean like really really I hate it when artworks are called untitled cause it doesn't help the audience pin point what they want to see! Ok enought of art rant time

We then moved outside (after the little shop of course) and we spotted this man

A street performer

Sitting on the stairs of the art gallery 

And he just starts telling off this kid who is juggling

We decided that those kids must be bratty and did it to annoy him

With his slightly British accent he's just like "that's rude, yeah? If you wanna do that can you do it over there yeah? Cause I'm trying to work bla bla bla"
They eventually left

but this guy just kept on ranting on it was fucking hilarious! 

As a crowd began to form and he continued to not a single thing we decided to come up closer

Only to have sexist jokes spat around and it was just so cringeworthy we had to leave!!!

And move into the
botanical gardens where we sat in a vedy pretty gazebo! 

We were right by the Harbour as well! 

We decided to ditch circular quay and got back on the train to townhall where we went into the very lovely aquarium!!!!!

OOOO fish and water

What a cutie!!
It was super expensive tho! It wasn't all that worth it! But hey! I had a lot of fun and walked a shit load

We headed down to china town and peeked around morning glory bore heading towards central station


Although we were meant to leave

We ended up talking for like 3 hours. It finally hit 10 and even hungry jacks was closing up and then we both vamoosed 

Getting home at 11 I dropped dead in my bed cause fuck

I waled so much AHAHAHAHA 

--------------------------------------------------------------- ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆

"ruddy good study day"

so today was very very lovely

came into the day talking to jay on skype  till like 4 am

went to sleep

 woke up to my mum yelling


what a sweet heart

she came to my room and gave me a kiss on my forehead and was like

stop wearing makeup before you go to bed

yeah its a bad habit but anyways

i ate some hungry jacks and headed out of the house providing my dad his keys and got him a can of coke

he was in a good mood and so was my mum and everyone was just happy and it made me happy

i bumped into danny on the train and i wished him luck and gave him half of my coke

thats pretty fucking generous cause i love coke, but the again i love danny

omg i was gonna write "i love cock"

Coke, cock, same same

man that woulve been bad

but yeah so again we were just chatting away and he was heading off to unsw i bet he did great in the test

got off at town hall

and to martin plce i went

i still remember that one joke that bobs and i made where

imagine we headed to Martin place and the doors opened to someone's apartment and it was just a bloke named Martin how lame AHHAHA

Anyway back to the tale

Went into state

Met up with Abel and Robert

This was the first time i ever really booked a room and we were so goddamn productive

Our rooms time was up

And we left to go eat - maccas

Then Abel left

Then I was chatting with Robert

And then we ended up getting a drink hahaha
And studying 

It was very very very Delish! 

And then he left and I left and my dad picked me up and got me KFC! (Finally) lololollllllllll!!!!

That was a great day

----------------------------------------- ∆-∆-∆-∆



got on a train

i barely studied so i might be fucked for the test

or the whole thing



left the house super early

met abel, j, robert and emma at the racecorse

did the test

we lost emma

and abel split

Rob and J and i walked all the way to uni from the race course

did some stuff at uni

some errands

by the way i got real good in theatre

then i was kinda lazy

just rob convince us to leave for round house

at roundhouse rob got us chips and he got himself a drink

i decided to get a drink

double black yum

he convinced me to get shots and the bartender made us a thing called "Marias" which was pretty pretty neato

it was vodka, mango midori, orange juice and a squeeze of lemon

i got a free shot fo free

and we kept going back and forth

and i got flirty and giggly

so did rob


j just awkwardly sat that sober monkey

so i had a can of double black

3 shots or "Marias"

a shot of cranberry something

and a shot of liquorish

here are pictures

the english boys and me being giggly and what not

then rob left to meet a friend

and i was left alone with j

which basically meant i took advantage of him body heat and purred up against him

im sorry by the by j

but any who

after i slept on his lap for a long ass time

we eventually left and went to a cafe near aim

he got a jumbo coffee and he got me a milkshake ^^

bobby and huynh appeared and eventually


the awesome foursome (plus j)

and yea yeah yeah yeah eyaehfhkbnr

i was so tired and i like

went home

and j wouldn't come

and yeah


"that one time"

Then like we also went to the city to buy records that one time yeah


i love you when you're singing that song and,

i got a lump in my throat 'cause
you're gonna sing the words wrong-Riptide - Vance Joy (thanks bobby)