This is the blog post i made on the 23/07/09 which i never published

This would be my second blog i deleted my other


we have a holidays at school rite nows and me bein bored i talk to people on msn

talking to my friend Jessica who made a blog called fodmn go cheak her out ;]

i asked her what she was doin and she sed....

blogging and told meh to make a blog...

so now im here and your reading this =]

now im gonna talk about my life, which is like those romantic comedys if i think about, people recall me as funny and weird.

and well being in high school i have a crush i must say NO NAMES but there are ppl who may like me unbelieveablely i think i spelt that right....

Now i have a strange personality...

i love art, music, boy ~keke, OMG MYCHONNY/YOURCHONNY watch him on youtube =D

ok ill think of more..

well thats all for nows