The Last day of semester!!

Oh Cass we have come a long fucking way didnt we??

Jay, Jesse, Robert

Me, Jay, Jesse

Plain ole beautiful me haha

welcome to the english tut

ok so the mates at my tutor know now that i have a blog, which is pretty deadly and i hope they never find it cause yeah NO I SWEAR IF THEY FIND THIS, JAY JESSE IF YOU FIND THIS NOOOO


ok now that theyve thankfully stopped reading, lets discuss the last day of uni nd how horrible i am of a friend i am to Danny, sorry man i real real sorry for leaving you, i know im a cunt

so um i got to wake up an hour later
thank was neato

i wwoke up to my dad laughing away at come cambodian comedies so that was heart-warming

oh yeah today was a real good day, haha, i know why, MY LUCKY UNDERWEAR! i swear to god i hope my uni mates arent reading this haha

So yeah, it began with my education test which was pretty good and we moved forward to english and yeah i just kinda did literally nothing in call, thank god Jay isnt in any of my classes next sem cause we are just gonna talk about nothing, seriously

we headed off and i was gonna wait for danny and i influenced Jay and Jesse to stay back with me, we sat there for a while and a chick named lilan (i think) appeared and she was super friendly

we all kinda had a chat and she was off to the white house

ive never been to the white house and i kinda wanted to go and i had to wait for danny and i didnt know what to do and Lilian was just like hey you should come and i was like i dono and then i just followed them and i had to text danny and i feel super horrible im sorry i didnt know they just kept walking and ive never been to the white house im sorry

i met a guy named alex who i see jesse sitting with in english

he is nice

we go to the white house and went upstairs 

its super neato and pretty and just plain lovely 

here u are and plus, if youre reading this emily, you should stop by, first place ill show you is this

we got seats and a guy joined us, i didnt know his name but he and lilan were just chillin

we played connect 4, Jesse and i are both one one

we need another round

they played janga and it was just real chill

we got wedges and yeah

we left,

as i was approaching the bus line to central Jesse offered me a lift to town hall which was real sweet of him!!!! so in the car we were

ive never been in city traffic before, it was weird

yeah so j (yeah i cant be fucked to add the ay now omg haha) and i decided explore onlt for a while and shit dooes he do a great scotts accents, it was spot on!

then we left, end of story!!!!

just to let u know Cass, ill be blogging more often

i have legit shit 5 unposted posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which are well over due and pictures i want to present

well cass, till next time

i fucking eevery inch of your body


oh and danny is amazing and i deserve to be punishe (;)) for abandoning you

youre rad danny, im sorry & i love u i swear

Our hearts beat so loud the neighbours think we’re fucking when I’m just trying to find the nerve to touch your face. -Andrea Gibson, “Pansies”