Happy June!

it is almost the last week of this sem and i have come a long way
by long i mean very poorly done

Sorry Cass

to be very honest guys i havent been doing well in uni

ive been given this new found freedom and a group of people i could meet and it just

really distracted me from any real work

the only thing im really trying to do lately is pass history

English is not good

hopefully i can do real well in the final exam for english which is 40% and i have Jay now, oh yeah i mentioned in my previous post about Jay, the black hair guy with a hoodie

haha So there is Jesse and Jay

yesterday it was sooo fun cause he and i finally began talking and we bonded over richard ayodae, mighty boosh and alt-j i am digging him so much and i hope he ccan tutor me during the study period, fingers crossed he can really help me out

anywho, i should be doing my history essay and writing tasks,

Education i got in the bag i hope!!!!! im kinda scared cause my dual essays were prettyyyyy shitt....

But yeah

hopefully next sem i really fucking pick up my slack

i know i will

i know what im doing wrong

you only really learn through mistakes dont ya?

ok Maria i believe in you! no passes next sem! only credits and distinctions and if i get that i know that i am improving! go maria
go maria

who am i kidding i need someone to be mean to me

collin i need you next sem

scold me

hurt me

be rough

hahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahha ew jks dont touch me just help me youre great motivation

anyways its june, happy winter

hopfully my mum will let me buy more clothes and go to Melbourne

oh and heres a picture of me after my performance in theatre

dont i look happy??


but yeah its kinda saddening cause yesterday we had a discussion about our performance and our tut said we were one of the top 3

im trying to write this within 20 min cause i wanted to make a post on the first day of this month

ok lets talk about the performances in theatre

1. was about planes ant was real good use of pyrotechs
2. crap, not good, under rehearsed but yeah not the best no offence
3. it was about alter egos, funny but it wasnt really meant to be cause its theatre not "entertainment"
4. Strange fruit, look up the song, it was terrifying, but my fav
5. a mates of mines vivian! yeah dug the use of staging!
6. Ours! we almost choked our audience with the fog machine, people were laughing which wasnt good, the markers loved it and understood what we where going for,

our play consisted or several scenes

it began with us behind a lime light of actually ill end my post now and end with mystery ha

Southern trees bear a strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze

-Strange fruit - Billie Holiday