ok so like im making friends in uni

it is really radical, it almost makes me sadical cause i know that i wont being speaking to them ever again cause we barely have time to talk and we all do different classes next sem so what a bummer!

actualy lets talk about each class cass, would you like  that? well of course you would!


Lets talk about my most hated class to my favourite!


Cunts of all cunts, i hate this class, honestly the only reason why i kept this subject is the people in it, like half of the english students do history its insane!

lets see, the people i met in there, well so far my main man is Abel, Mark Do's brother and he is in my history and english class so that neato but he isnt in my tut, on tuesday we would grab lunch together after English lecture then meet up again for out History lecture, that was nice

in my tut is good ole wilson! and one week i met this girl named Natasha and well next week we decided to talk again and through her i met Nisha and well, the weeks kept going and sooner or later i turned to this red head, Hugh his name was and well, he s a real dope guy, im really digging his style you know? i don't know why i talked to him but while i was talking to natasha he just kinda had this face like he was listening in on us so i turned to him and made a comment and yeah he and i are friends now! the funny thing was the second (?) time i met him we walked to our lectures after history and we did this art gallery by the hub and we drank wine and laughed and made fun of the photography, it was great!

we attempted to as each other on facebook and failed to for like 3 weeks, we both liked flume and so i commented on one of the photos "HI" and he found me hahah he was like "we are genuises" and i was like "yeah thats why it tok us 3 weeks to do this!" LOL im pretty sure hes gay

we bused it home together and ever since then in histroy tuts we would walk each other out and he told me that he was in english and i met him there too which was funny cause i came late to a lecture so i couldnt scout him or Abel out and by the end of the english lecture i look up and the seating was Abel, Jesse (he in my english tut) and Hugh and i was likeAW! you guys must know each other and they were like... nope LOLOLOLOLOL

ok i kinda transitioned into english aside from history but

well, its mainly Natasha, Nisha and Hugh and.... Britney but thats another story!


Ahhh, im sorry that its ranking 3/4 but education is the bomb. Lets see, well obviously my whole tut and i are friends, not really.
The first friend i happened to make is a Lad named jim who was real passionate about theatre, well, yeah i asked what subjects he did and well, every single thing i was doing!!!!!!! History, theatre, english and education

but we only have one tut together which is ok, after a few weeks we stopped saying hi but we're talking again. I remember walking into my tut and straight away spotted the people who would attract the most attention, Alex and May. Everyone is white in my tut by the by, omfg i didnt realise until now hahah holy fuck omg hahah!!

Only this chick called Zandra, she is super asain fob -to the point where you cannot tell what the fuck she is saying!- and i reckon no one really likes her cause she doent really put her foot in and she was real anal about people coming to lectures and marking rolls when she was away for one like wtf!

But yehh, ive been talking a lot the past few weeks for our practical act, cause we were marked on copperation and how much you put in so im like fuck it, BOOM HERRE ARE MY IDEAS.

the people in my class are rather welcoming its cool, i think the more comfotable i feel with people the more likly im willing to have my say you know?????

Ill list my whole tut class and discuss what i tink about them cause you know, im a judgmental bitch haahha kawaii

  • Hannah - she gets a lot of attention, if i were confident i bet she and i would be best friends, i could tell we both like attention plus when Jim bragged that he came second in state for theatre Hannah said she came second in state as well.. for being a slut and i was gonna say yeah i came first" but no, too shy, aw
  • Alex - he is so cute, like omg, and super gay its so obvi! he is real nice and i can tell he is gonna be a brilliant actor, he has this coughing scene and he really brings his chest in it its amazing, such a hearty cough. He is starting to see that i have a voice and he knows my name so thats cool and one time we put on stobe lighting and he and i walked up to one another hahhaaha PLEASE BE MY FRIEND
  • Gaby - Just to let you know, Hannah, Alex, Gabby and Nic are a group, they always sit with one another and converse, she is the least strongest out of their group, you can tell they all make fun of her(not in the mean way), she seems nice but i havent spotted her personality yet, shes too much of an echo you know?
  • Nic - oh hes nice, he is a loud voice and really puts out his ideas and has good jokes,  he really does try and talk to people so when he is sepreated from his group he doset act different you know, like a little quieter, he just pulls out his personality to everyone and tries to be eveyones friend, hes nice i guess (i know he is gay)
  • Jim - as i said, first friend i ever made, he really likes acting and his voice has this build in it, like its very, prince like sometimes, like a leader boast in it. He is ok, i kinda knocks me down sometimes, but like its his view, like i would say i love english n hate history and he would say the opposite and id be like oh ok, i dont know how to explain it. But yeah he's alright, he really likes acting
  • Cassie - she's quiet, i dont really have much to say about her, i kinda just converse with the actors, cause, well, i get to ahha
  • Jack - Again he isnt an actor, i think he is nice tho, he reminds me of my family friend Andrew Lok, they have the same laugh and tone of voice, he is from the northern beaches and is real easy to talk to so thats sweet, totes GAYY
  • Jaime - so beautiful, i find her stunning tbh, shes this tall red head with a lovely face, her best friend is Klem, there stuck together, its real sweet, but like, she talks sometimes but Klem is more of the voice in the pairing youknow, Jaime does talk, but only in relation to Klem
  • Klem - She is also very beaut,she is short and like tubby, ok no not tubby, she has a great body, curves you know, she has a nose peiceing and, actually i wouldnt mind fucking her you know? shes nice and mutters jokes to the person next to her sometimes, and well, sometimes im next to her so yeah, she is pretty groovy!
  • Mitch - ahhh another tall red head, like super tall, not really, like 180  maybe? yeah is a bit quiet as well and his partner in the class would be May, but ill get her later. Yeah i guess Mitch is a nice guy, but like again i havent really talked to him, but we moved a table to a curtain just to wash our spit off of it, so he seems like a fun loving guy
  • Anna - She and i were meant to be the outside eye, but i bailed to become a performer, not only to interigate the audeince but to get away from her hahahahh she doesnt seem bossy, she seems... very powerful. She also has this over powering voice and shes not afraid to hold back her ideas  unlike me. but yeah, her confidence and her animated movees are alright, hahah, yeah 
  • Keri - Ahhh yes, um, she has glasses and curly hair, she is nice, has a lisp, apart of the production team. yeah, she is easy to approach and i think she used to do music cause she can form a good beat
  • Georgie - This girl is adorable, again she is this short pretty girl with rather wild hair,she has a squeak in her voice and she doesnt belong to a posé but like nic, she can easily approach peeps and shes fun to talk to haha,yeah she is in the same scenes with me and thats the cool thing about her, i can just say things to her and not be like ARE YOU JUDGING ME!! :O:O OMG SHE REMIND ME OF MISS FOGDEN APPEARANCE WISE
  • May - AHHHHH, straight away, in the first tut i was intimdated by her, shes this tall white chick but she is real nice, i like her style, she wears band shirts, jeans and boots just like me and not to mention a leather jacket, so yeah, i dig her style and she kinda has this amreican accent going on and she knows a lot about the theory in Drama 
  • Sally - She went to NIDA for production and honestly after she told me i dont really wanna go to Nida, she lived in ASia most of her life and she is the techy in our group, she does all the music and has the equipment for it. She is really nice and she is in my history class and she also does engilsh apparently so haha thats coolio
  • Lauren - -cute as fuck, i dont know if she wears fake eyelashes but she looks like a doll, she has blonde hair, plated to the side and just like, a pink feel to her and, when i first saw her i was like, omg what a doll, shes the kind to have flowers in her hair and man seriously, shes short and looks like a doll, i dont know what she does but thats all i can say about her, what a doll hahhahhaa, her personailty, i dono, i havent picked it up either
  • Abi - hmmm, yeah her voice, i dono, her voice is just, sounds really bitchy but i know she cant help it, she's a dancer, i can tell by the way she sits she has pointed toes and she is the costume designer and she is just real, umm.. yeah just direct and kind standoffish, but you know she gets things done so good on her
  •  Zandra - yeah just super fob and very, huh yeah shes just there

Man i hope no one from my group read this, but fuck it, i only see them this semester and no one is bothered to read that whole extract anyways, plus im didnt really say bad things so ha

But yeah our group is real good, we have a fair share of hard workers and veryone pulls there load and we are all on top of things hahah cool


Ill make this one a short one, i didnt make that many firends in education, but i love the class, its really insteresting

not unil recently have i made a friend in a lecture, Jackson, he is in my english tut and is a really cool surfer, i kinda really dig him and i sort of have a crush on him just cuase he is so chil and uses the word Groovy, through him i met Britney, LAST WEEK ON WEEK 11 OF THE SEMESTER OMG :( and she happened to be in my hisotry tut! she notices me, she complimented my bag and said she sees me around campus, she wants to go to Cofa like me and we both dig art, i was sitting between these 2 white poeple with blonde hair, i flt like i.... BELONGED AHHAHAHAHAHAHHA, although im literally the opposite of them in colour hahaha.

This girl i call "b" cause she has an ethic name and i cbf to learn it, yeah she soptted me in the hub and was like, do i know you from somewhere, after about 10 min of talking and not telling her i did education only telling her i did arts she was like, OMG WE ARE IN THE SAME TUT! and yeah thats cool, ahahha im SEEN, she is pretty and arab

and then there is Jai, he is a musican and, i kinda was into him from tut one cause he wore  checkered shrits, black jeans and chucks. i put up the courage of talking to him and now i always sit next to him in tuts!! but he is away a lot and he has a girlfriend who wait for it... has red hair ahahha

man what is it with me and red heads????/


AHHH this is where most of my friends are formed cause my tut is fucking amazing. well, ive noticed that ive only really made guy friends in my tut aside from Vivian, but she has this other mate which is pretty ok ,you know?
I'll discuss Vivian first, she is from Cannes and she is average height and white, she is very pretty and very nice, easy to talk to but i she and i dont make good partners cause, well i need someone to start me off, i cant really have a first say im more of an arguer, Viv and i are the same, with me and Abel, he just kinda goes off and it inspires me to babble as well, thats why i like sitting next to him in english

Now the boys, the seating in the room is very odd and i sit in the middle while the boys sit on the right and the girls on the left and everyone else is kinda spralled out
Jackson and Abel are both in my tut, i used to sit next to Abel but Viv would come sit next to me every now and then, Abel is often late so that doesnt help ahahah. I usally turn to the boys cuase as i said, i like to argue and the class is more like a book club, we are assigned something then we discuss

There is this one guy, i dont quite know his name but i will try and remember it, he does history and he is so smart, he is shorter than me, is white and has black hair with a kinda fringe, i love his voice and i really like him cause he really gets into these books, There is another girl in my class called emma and they both speak really, distinguished and oooooo like they are both so impressive. he wears a side bag, hoodie and jeans

His partner is this guy named Jesse, he is also very well to do and well, he is white i think but kinda has this fob presence, he rides skateboards and often wears baggy button up shirts, shorts, highish socks and sneakers. He has a mustace kinda thing but he doesnt suit it, he seems like a nice guy, when i first observed him he seemed pretty standoffish but yeah, hes funny, he also can make friends easily so yeah

Then there is, damn i forgot his name, he is in my education tut and its kinda bumming me out that he doesnt wait up for me after education tut cause right after is our English and we can totally walk together, but oh wells, Jai is there for me, walking lower campus, omg i just realised that he doesnt go to the Mathews bus stop but the lower campus one just for me aw how sweet hehe, he always waits up too which is nice, i love it when people do that!, This dude is so phillopino, he always offers to read for the class and when he says father is sounds like "fa-der"haha and again he reminds me of Andrew Lok (my family friend) which is weird

Then Abel and Jackson sits with them when im with Viv

This one time i walked into class with a Gelato cause i was in a greAT mood, i walk into class and everyone is just kinda looking at me and im like aw ok hi and my tut Sigi is just like dayum that looks like a good ice-cream and everyones just complimenting it

two weeks later i arrive with a double cupcake and again people are like what hhahahahahahaahha
The black haired guy was like "you purposedly sit in the middle to show that off dont oyu??" haahaha but yeah, i like the attention so fuck yous,

but for reals i am loving english, im not doing so well in it, well, everything cause i do it last min

i even have a test on tuesday and i havent even started studying for it

hopefully i can pick up my pace in sem 2

i finally understand how uni works so thats good

But yeah




i forgot, Willam and Jeremy

These are the negatives hahahaa

first day of uni

i couldnt find a seat, and so this asian lad invited me to sit next to me

hewanted to add me on fb straight away and i kinda ran away from him afterwards, it turns out he is in my english and education tut and he keeps looking at me it annoys me

Drew (doofdoof) and i were walking down the campus together and i spot william then, dear lord, Andrew says hi and im like WTF, THEYRE COUSINS
and ever since then i had to pass mail to Willam for andrew that fucker (ok it was one time but what ev i dont wanna talk to william he is weird and awkward and just weird no offence but no he likes k-pop and doesnt understand my sarcasm)

Then, haha, Jeremy
I sat next to him for one lecture, he was so fucking standoffish, he was ok aat first, we bonded over fanfcition and he was ok until he started follwing me to the hub where i wanted to meet up with danny, and he just followed and his humour was nothing like mine like seriously, he was showing me the "hilter cooking vid" and i faked laughed through the whole thing and then he was just really cocky, i didnt sit next to him for the next week and the week after that i sucked it up and offered him a seat next to me and has the nerve to say "oh, sorry, have we met, like a week or two weeks ago... OH YEAH YOURE THE GIRL WHO LIKES HITLER" like wtf no no no and he talked about hentai and he like REDDIT HE IS REDDIT NO HUN IM A TUMBLR GIRL WE DO NOT FUCKING MATCH, GO BACK TO 9GAG AND STAY THERE MR 4CHAN OK? OK. man and he fellowed me out the second time but i went to Abel so we could have lunch and i told him the "oh 2 weeks ago?" story and Abel laughed about to say something and i was like "i feel sorry for him cause he was homeschooled" and Abel was like OMG "I was about to say his school friends mustve been assholes" aahahahahahahha

But yaeh

you dont always meet the best people in classes i guess.

Who else have i met, All ive got to say is Dino
He is 2 meters tall and is a real sweet guy from fairfield, we snapchat and this one time i snapchatted him i told him i was leaving at 5 and he told me he ended at 5 so i said we should go home together
afterwards we ate Hungry Jacks together and i think he said he ended at 9 today so i was like, did he skip class for me?
He also told me he had a party so i encouraged him to get drunk (cause i was carving a party, havent been to one in fucking ages) and the next week he was like to me "I blame you for my hangover" ahhaha and after some flirty bickering he kept calling me a bad influence, cause i told him to get drunk so he did, getting a handover then i retorted with "i couldnt help it if you were thingking about me" oh snap ahahha he went quiet and i was like OHHH i win and yeah

did i mention he skipped a lecture to chat with me? ahahahha im a bitch

Dino is nice i guess

That all ive got to say about uni i guess, i dont recall meet any other people...




Our love comes back in the middle of the night -James Blake - Our Love Comes Back