Tame Impala

hey Cass

lets go to bragity anne mode


Ok so the morning of the second of may i felt very nice

it was lovely weather and for once in a long time i was alone in the house

this meant i could shower with the door open and walk around the house nude

i dont know why i like doing this

it feels liberating

or maybe i want someone to catch me nude


but yeah i was just lounging around the house  in my undies and red lipstick feeling very posh for some odd reason, my hair soaked, my body thirty and the sun pouring its rays into my room

it was a sight to see

so bloody peaceful, aside from James Blake echoing through the rooms

i made a video to myself talking about how grown up i felt and the experiences i have been through

i re-watched it, man was that a laugh

i dont know, whenever im sad i can re-watch that video and make myself happy

i suggest you guys do that, at your peak, when youre alone and happy and, everything just seems ok i suggest you sit in front of your computer, turn on that web cam and just talk about your life and how great it is or can be. I know you might feel nostalgic and mayybe the happiness you speak has become sad and bitter, but fuck it. you were happy, no regret you know??

think about something great that happened, now think about something bad that happened and think, if it wasnt for that bad thing, the good thing might not of happened

an example of this was when i went to groove in the moo, where i was meant to go see Tame Impala <333333

but i couldnt, i had to leave at 4 not even being able to watch flume
or the kooks, or the temper trap :(((

im so sorry bobby,

man im sad now


then i think

the tragedy that i experienced with Groove provoked sympathy from my mum, and therefore, an hour or so before the Tame impala concert, Jess buys the tix and i went home telling her im going to this concert.......

she let me go!!

cause she knows i couldnt see tame in canberra (she doesnt know i already went to see them in December LOL)

and yeah

that was a great night


it ended with such a lovely,



if you know what i mean! ;)

Ok, so i woke up on thursday, had a lovely, naked day, got changed into fishnet tights, red lipstick and boots and out the door i go, quarter way to the station i realise that i forgot my train ticket so i walk back

a friendly old neighbour/family friend offers me a lift to station, thank god

aint no-bo-day got time to walk

and then i arrive to central and i decide to go and eat hungry jacks, which was a horrible fucking idea!!

i was late for my tut, climbing up the stairs of unsw, i swear i passed out in the hub

30 min in i gave up on my tut cause i was puffing and sweating and i couldnt stand it

jess texts me to meet her at lower campus for eehs ensumble and down i go

only to going to school to drink water in the hub =="

we make our way to petershem and finding the bar and happily watching eehh

jess tells me "hey tame impala is today"

and shes just like whos up for it? and im like fuck yeah, i am unfulfilled!!!

i had a gap in me after groove, stricken with sadness knowing that i wasnt able to see Tame Impala, so my spot is fulfilled now and i am full!!

and we go home, come back, made out way to the horden pavillion

and a drunk cockney shouts at bobs and takes off his pants and points (not with his hand) at jess

we leave the bus immediately and we are forwarded to the concert.

i cut through crowd, budding in the herd of people who are brave enough to smash down the wall of people to the dam of moshers.

i dont know how but with a lot of pain and pushing i get to- about the second row

the first row at the barricades consisted of dreadlocked stoners

and throughout the concert sweat is rubbed on me and i rubed my sweat onto people

the security guard would come up to us with bottles of water and squirt it into my mouth, holy jesus was that refreshing the humid crowd

then i spot a cute boy with deep brown eyes and a toying smile

my heart flutters and i smile back as much as i could whenever he looked my way

maybe i was ahead of myself, maybe he wasnt looking at me, he was merely peering back

oh was i wrong, i had the right to be cocky!

whenever he commented on the band i giggled cause, why not? it was cute and he would look at me, oh that head turn, for some old reason, it was heavenly

half way thought the concert, and just to let you know i was always behind him, like i was rubbing on him, (not cause i wanted tooo cause i was forced to)
and i was trying to rub my red lipstick on him just to leave a mark!!!

i kept yelling the lyrics, blasting like crazy

yelling YEAH


haha i couldnt help myself

and oh boy he looked at me after i yelled yeah, looks at me, looks forward, yells yeah

oh we have a parrot do we?

i do it again

he does it again

yes. yes he notices me, he knows im here, he has my full attention at this point (aside from the band) and i have his (aside from the band)

by the end of the concert (and obviously they were gonna come back up for an encore)

this lad make it to the front, sighing with happiness to his mate "FINALLY"

i smile for his triumph wishing that i was up there too, in front of my favorite band

and well

guess who deiced to look back at me once more

i smile

he smiles and says "come to the front with us


you deserve it"


he knew we were both battling for the front!

he into me he INTO ME

and his mate, shaking his head says "youre too nice mate" ohh australians, you sly slyu sly sexy dogs

after some intros and the lame joke by me

"so im guessing you like good music?"

and pleading for the band to come back out

we talking for a bit, i forgot about what

but whatever, the band comes up again

and WOOO we are happy and he yells

and guess what tame impala says "no, you rock our socks"

AYYYYYYYYE HI-5s are exchanged and boy am i happy for him

the encore goes on and we just air drum at the barricades

gather fist-bumps from the security guard telling him what a great guy he is and he just keeps smiling at me

boy i wanted to kiss him.

i think he wanted to kiss me to

turns out he did

i smiled and he leaned in

aside from the whole attack from his tongue

his height and hand was nice, resting on the side of my face

his friend literally says "are you fucking kidding me" in a duuuuuuuuude way

i pull back as the crowd loosens and leaves

hands on my hips i sigh saying "so that was tame impala"

and i look up AND HE KISSES ME AGAIN

the second time was not pleasant, neither was the first

it was just like swallowing a tongue

yeah.. from beside us i can hear the sarcastic comment

"thats what you wanna see at a concert"

i think the person knew that it was too much tongue

but all in all I GOT SOME AW YE

is this appropriate to say on my blog?

fuck it

it got some with a white guy at a concert of my favorite band

not to mention


how did he find me you ask?

well lets just say this was the bat signal

just to let you know that James guy isnt him

so ya

that was day at tame impala

locking lips with a random

i came home around 1 and my mother did not care aww

but ya ya yaa

after having a shower i felt very clear and clean

i mean look at how refreshed i am

that is the image of a very happy girl.

so yeah

luv ya

i just wanted to share

I don't need them
And they don't need me
I guess i'll go home
Try to be sane -Tame Impala; Why won't they talk to me?