Ive been inspired by a lot of things and by different people

from what im feeling now

what im remembering

one person who changed my life is

Claudia "Starr"

although i havent seen her in a while, i just wanted to say she shifted my brain

i swear, she is amazing

i dont know if she changed, or have a new group of friends or lost the personality i knew, i will still remember her as the brilliant, genius person she is

you're beautiful claudia, dont forget that, i know you have your insecurities, but, i dont care if you dont believe me, i think you're so amazing, beyond belief

ok seriously, no fucking joke

The reason why im feeling this way is because,
im writing letters to my 2 favorite teachers

and while sitting in that train staring at the windows trying to think of what to say i would reminice and think of reasons to write this letter

i miss them, i genuinely do

and, although i felt weird telling them i think they're, you know, pretty cool

i thought


i want to tell them how i feel, i would love to be told im great, i wouldnt believe it, but,
its reassuring

I told my history teacher she opened my eyes to a world ive never seen
politics and hunger and strength and even the mighty boosh

shes so cool and i would love to meet people like her,

well rounded and gorgeous i just wanted to tell her she wasnt young enough to change someones life

heck, i might of even changed someones life but i didnt know it
so i wanted to ensure that she knew it

AS  for the other letter to my english teacher

she expanded my mind

heck i had no idea what an essay was until i met her

she made class fun as well as informative

she didnt sigh at my jokes but led them on, even putting them in a better path, she made me laugh and i knew she knew i was sad so she tried not to step on some bones and thats why i loved her

who knew that doing so little can impact a person so much??

i mean how would you feel if, out of nowhere you received a letter telling you that you were amazing?

i took time and effort just to put a smile on a teachers face, i mean, who knew a letter, a simple fucking letter, a goddamn letter of reassurance.

i wanted to tell someone i love that i love them
so whats holding me back?


so im doing it

i suggest you do it to, you might not think youd benefit from it
but you have
you made someone smile

and thats worth more cash than anyone can ever give