???? fone

(can ijust say im better at keeping a blog if im on mahhh phone. and i cbf to edit my shit btw)

I should, like, not keep a blog
I swear to god guys that I try and try to update this thing but no just no I have like 1000000 thinks in my drafts
So, here I am, on a train to university and I’m deciding to at least write fucking something
Life has been good
I’m a Uni girl now on the unsw campus, it’s real good although I thought that I would be swarmed by Asians when really, who knew that arts had a considerable amount of white people whom are which ok looking.
But I swear, unsw does have some super buff hotties like woah! Walking around campus they shine with in their shorts w- OMG story time
Down the full lane in my campus I walk, walking past busy students eager as I am to leave only to be hit my an equal amount of students dreading their next class. 
I hear a slight wur behind me like crashes of waves by a bay, drawing near, near enough to hit me until I spot a boy zipping past me. 
Being hit by this wave I feel a cool rush as his legs swing past a skate board zippin past girls and boys. 
I feel myself speed up, trying to catch up to this guys slowing down by the stop light. Desperately pushing past people to get to him.
He draws near as I shove, his out grown jeans and pale white tee makes my heart beat faster and so does his sandy blonde slick back hair. Skateboard in his had he skims the crowd allowing me to catch a glimpse of his not yet seen face. 
It does not disappoint. 
Perfectly symmetrical face sprayed with freckles, he looks down at me for a sec, starring at the man- boy towering above me with blue eyes. I quickly look away knowing….

So yeah that was a moment in me life.
Lets keep it talking
Education, I find it very very interesting, I really didnt think it would be as interesting as it is!! Shocker seriously haha.
History, ooo I love history but they’re doing ancient blehhhhhhh not happy jan
English, oh my fucking god I love it so much, I think in gonna major in it, it’s the bomb digity the f-bomb digity
Theatre. I dono. I kinda REALLY zone out in lectures, but I dig tuts, excited to become closer with me class mates, cheeyyahhh I hope I’m not outed cause I’m a dark Asian gal
And that’s my update luv ya''

Oh yeah by the by,i saw this beaut on the train, isnt she lovely??

and he man as well, man i want them to be me rents (ignore the guy sleeping hahaha)