Dear Diary

So, since it is almost ending, 17 was my largest year

my experiences were expanded, like everything i needed to know about teenage hood as been fulfilled

you know
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • you know the whole plot line of skins
This is def a year to remember, i also feel like a broader person, it was an odd year as well cause thats when my freedom was stretched 
HSC allowed me to go out almost everyday

the year is also kinda fresh in my mind


i dono not really

it began

i wrote down the peaks of my teenage hood in my little black book,
in that stupid thing is just -in the moment- momentos, private drawings and opinions

just cause i'm kind ill show you one of my pages where i dont display self-ruining things

just an example, although the other pages are rather mundane compared to that haha

but anyways yeah, that diary is my brain, what i think

its mainly just teenage angst and love but whateva brah

the opening page of is has this message which is rather strong and dramatic but true (and i actually underlined these bits)

Please do not read. This is just pictures and writing and emotions, worthless shit that wont make your day better if you read this you will be drowned by the feeling of guilt because you invaded my privacy and play with my trust. so please. for your sake and my happiness, put me down.

my first entry was the 15th of October, the ripe age of HSC, when it all began, oh my hahaha and my most recent post is...the 16th or march.lovely, the day in which i went to bents basin with me mates, cooooolio

I think i decided to write this post due to the fact i'm going to fucking turn 18, i know its not really gonna change much but holy shit, i can just literally walk into a liquor store and grab a bottle of scotch and some ciggs and its a-ok with the government cause I'm legal bitches

this may be a weird fucking statement but hot damn i wish i lost my virginity before i turn 18
who know i might suddenly find the one and fuck his brains out with in 17 and yeah not legal for stuff hahaha i dont know i just want my life to be a story

in a way it kinda is re-reading my entries

i guess thats why i kept a diary

to kinda frame my life into a short weird unexpected plot

i love the simple things in life i think about, my brain is weird, it is... it issssss

bu fucken ya

If i die, yall can read it haha i have nothing to be ashamed about when im dead :)

She may contain the urge to runaway but hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks -Breezeblocks by Alt-J (∆)