Ok im not really excited 

well i just wanna make new friends in uni!!

so how are you?

i havent been at work for about 5 days and im off the rails

i havent been on an outing for 3 days and im completely brain dead

all ive been doing is watching malcolm in the middle and dancing to music

and when im at home i dont eat!!!

there is seriously nothing to eat here


i need structure in my life, and a job was it during the post hsc period,


i guess you do miss the things you hate!

now lets discuss the few days of nothingness

Malcolm is pretty good

ive been getting  into more techno rap music lately

its weird

i stood up for acoustic music and epic riffs but times are changin

sure i still love my fair share of Tame Impala, Led Zep and Smiths

but Flume, Frank Ocean and Purity Ring is where its at

its so soothing and great music to just chill your mind out

the cage of a home has also frazzled my imagination and promised my mind some rebellious shit

and therefore i miss her

oh her, her, her

the light to my fire that causes anarchy, 

i need to be lit, i need youuuuuuu

oh how ive missed you and we barely talked the last time we set eyes on each other

my ride or die girl, the girl who holds all the keys to anarchy...

man i really need to get outisde before i do something drastic in this house

why do i have a yern to break the rules?

is it teenage tendencies or just pure evil, a trait im burdened with??


i wonder why i was voted the most dramatic

you know whats a pretty sexy?

the line "whats your poison?"


oh here comes my rebellious side again~~

now lets get something straight, i love bad boys, bad badddddddd boys

just imagine a tall hottie with a history in his eyes and a sleeve only made by ink imprinted on not only his skin, but his soul

smoke rings escaping his lips and a grin which only means one thing

his tattered clothes a dodgy car whisk you away to a night of crazy rioting and sheer fun

knowing youre breaking the system and freaking the shit out of people


isnt it weird how..


i love 





loljks LAW4LYFE