i think i am going to call you blog, no

Cass, audience you are now called cass to really confuse you guys,

i like the name cass, it reminds me of cassie, boy was she heck of a character

so yeah ive reached 5000 views

and the trafficking appears to  be from this really dodgy link

i click it and it re-directs me to ads, i think its a virus or something i dono

yeah im really behind my work and all ive been doing is reading perks

i am determined to finish it today

its actually pretty good

even though i should be doing my readings and actually reading beloved, ah god

i think i am going to fail history and im like no, i hate it you know what i mean Cass?

i really hope i dont, hopefully i could just pass it you know?

anyways the only thing i'm really doing good in, or credit in is theatre, my second least fav haha

Oh Cassie, i am just passing english and education, but i think i had a breakthrough in education with my presentation and my excuse is that im doing things last min

man im a dodgy uni student, i really should pull up my sock but no

i dont want to


ffs cass

ok maria

you will finish perks tonight and begin your history readings!!!

go over your notes and get shit done gaddmmmmit!

in other notes

i want more uni friends

there is an Arts camp costing only 140

so cheap

its this friday and i wanna go but i know i shouldnt, i highly doubt i go

oh wells lets home another camp arrives


i suck at uni i want a fresh start, but not really you know?

i just feel like blogging tonight to get away from the book and studying

ive been listening to radiohead and james blake non-stop lately

so goddamnn good

i was in the train with philip, danny N and Osly today as well

we talked about old goss, like real old, primary school goss hahah

and it felt very proud of being cambo i dono why cause we all just began discussing how we all knew each other and talked about other cambos and its essential to have fried chicken, spit roast and spring rolls and cambo parties not to mention henessyyyyyy

i dono i felt like our childhoods merged and DannyN was just like hahah crazy cambos

i love being Cambodian

i used to not be you know, like i wanted to be viet in primary, cause they would just speak viet in front of my and i felt left out

oh well i met my people

ok bye now

james blake is awesome, Cass

i cbf to collect a quote

i love you Cass, have a lovely lovely night


i also went groovin the moo and i am real upset i couldnt see tame impala

actually why not lets quote

Glazey and numb. He just turned up the volume. And drove faster. -Perks of being a wallflower (i cant believe in quoting it)