Haiku & Fuck you

my past 2 post

i think

had sexy sex haikus and well, for some odd reason it inspired me

and you know what happens when i get inspired!!


i got this neat little book which cost me, i dono 8 fuckin dollars

But yeah, innit pretty??

so i began writing Haikus in it cause why not you know?

i felt like trying to do something creative everyday because thats all i love doing, creating something pretty and a few days ago i created this and never finished

cute butt and that face
you will be the death of me 
and the beginning 

got a boyish charm
and a smile that can kill

Im thinking "hands aaround my neck"? 
And i kept on being creative and weird i started burning things again cause i decided to buy 2 boxes of matches, why? i have no clue but goddamn theyre fun when you have incense and candles

i dont think i like the fact theyre candles

i just like shapin wax

and fire it pretty

i mean look at it

Talking about Incense! As bobby stated earlier, we went to the cambo temples,

it was real nice having my past and present merge
i mean the temple and bonyrigg really gave me nostalgia you know?
playing with the other cambo kids
it was different

then having my current friends there was such a luxury!
i mean, i used to hate going to that place cause it was so boring!!
and my old family friends stopped going
i would just stand around and wait for my parents to leave

and that day my mum left earlier and Drew had to bring us home
it was so delightful

And the  nostalgia was furthered when we started playing hand games like Sah Makka Dora (?)

duck duck goose even

we prayed and i saw so many people who i used to even talk to
i even did the Mah-di-zon which is like a cambodian macarena

i had fun, i dono

SO happy birthday bobs and fuck you

I’ll wait, so show me why you’re strong
Ignore everybody else,
We’re alone now -Retrograde by James Blake