Quiz Night

So i went to pats bro for a quiz night

it was nice :)

I was very proud of myself when it came to the music section ah

i felt like a child in a candy store
who was too freaked out to as the cashier for the candy i want

i swear to god i am the queen of metaphors!
My favorite one recently is in drama
the first day we planned our act we were all so excited
but the next day we realised how hard it was and we got depressed

and ze fash (drama student teacher) asked us what was wrong and it was hard to explain, so..
i said "It was like we saw the finished product off for example of a house
and now we just realised how hard it was for the plumbing to build the house together!"

yeah step back master lyricist!!

Oh talking about songs! i am writing a song about nipples now!!

yes dear Amber has the answers i asked her what song i should write about
and she choose nipple BECAUSE

well heart shaped nipples, arent they weird!?
can you naturally get heart shaped nipples?
or do you have to go through a process or something?

i mean if i had heart shaped nipples i would prance around without a bra and have nip slips all the time

Oh and breast

i dont like BIG boobs like i find them disturbing

thats all