wassup mother chuckers!
i havent blogged in like a million years
so whats up you ask?
well im in love with ASH STYMEST!

everyone says he not cute but im in love with him :( hes so funny and cute hehehe hes a male model you know?

so welcome to
Reasons Why I Love Ash Stymest
  • hes tall (obviously a male model)
  • his ability to play drums and guitar (i love musicians)
  • He has bright blue eyes
  • hes funny
  • hes white, i love love love love white guys
  • afraid to admit it but smoking is pretty hot
  • tattoo sleeves OMFG NOW THATS A MAN WITH BALLS!
  • hosted MTV!
  • SKATER BOIII oh yeah
  • he has the "punk style" i adore (guys with black skinny jeans FUCKING SEXY)
  • and well yeah hes epic download his song -Bones-Redlips-
Thats all from nostalgic i suppose TTYL!