lets start with a joke,
my friend named phillip got his lips removed, now we call him phil

but anywho (damn bobina its like a catch phrase) today was very scary, i had my src speech and the play small poppies.

The day kicked off with an alarm, i woke up at 7!! so early, ok lets make that 7:20... took me 20 minutes to get out of that beautiful glorious BED!
i slapped on some makeup for the act and speech and went downstairs to reveal a LOVELY BREAKFAST! Eggs and bacon with TM sauce and bread MMMMM!!!! then i made coffee to try and wake myself up and she like MARIA WHY IS YOU COFFEE SO BLACK IT TOOO STRONG NOT GOOD!!! and im just like mum maybe its because i didnt add any milk LOL

then roll call came along and we had an SRC meeting! i keep waiting until everyone was finished with their reports so i can inform then about small poppies tonight. when i did bobina and i had a twin moment, he was gonna do the same thing CCCCHHHYYYYYYEEAAAAAHH!!!

Period 2 was the speech where i stuffed up big time, because i thought to be brave and say if off by heart, but NO!!! i forget everything and fuck things up for myself, i was so nervous, when she told me we only had 3 min i freaked!! instead of saying what i wanted and NEEDED i mumbles and went ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.... thinking of things not to say to waste my time think of things to say GOD!
ok i hate complaining and annoying people with my unnecessary drama but dammit ok ok ok to small poppies

Below as you can see my friends is a picture of me with drawn on freckles!!
i was the only one with a makeup change, i wondered why LOL
the first act went really well but the year 10 boys didnt know there queue (i dont blame them nobodies perfect and it was there second try)

A little girl named Jennifer was in the crowed she is a family friend, after the first act Miss Kenna asked one of the primary teachers from canley who else she used to teach and in humour bobs put his hand up and yell "MISS DO YOU REMEMBER ME???" of course i would follow and i also yelled "HOW ABOUT ME MISS!!!!!!!!!?" When bobs and i went to Lansvale! we are so bad ass.
Later i got changed and bobina didnt, he felt awkward he decided to change and so i decided to watch him change :L:L i went into the guys change room and i heard the door open, it was john so i screamed when i saw him, not in the shocked way but i sure gave him a scare, funny funny, he thought he walked into the girls room!

The Second act was to come so we left early, i walked all the way to the train station so we can eat tai food then i realised that thai food is like cambo food so why should i waste my money on their food when i can just eat it at home? when my mum gets lazy she buys tai food and its not as good as her version, it has more flavour, and i think that flavour that is missing from restaurant food it LOOOORRRVVVVEEE!! no but in all seriousness my mums version is better.
so i walked back and my mum picked me up and we ate MACCAS!!!!! FAB-BU!

When i went back to school to finish off my act i saw claudia there :$:$ HI CLAUDIA if you reading :$:$ and the year 10 boys bought us pizza which is so sweet i gave em a hug, i felt like a whore, yeah a whore, a whore with pizza! so we forgave them about the shitting lighting!

that when we added the freckles and got into costume, and we did great, i felt like a true actress!! i was proud of myself and everyone else i had a fantastic time! First act was great but the second was rough around the edges we all got kinda cocky and bigged ourselves up because the first act went so well HAH!
My mum brother and my aunt and uncle came! almost forget to mention jenny stuffed up say papdopulus and omg so funny great time!

The jokers used my HIV joke OMFG i was so shocked but they didnt do my nun joke

How do you spell HIV?
H. I. V.
Are you positive?

What do you call a sleep walking nun?
A ROAMIN' Catholic

Woah i wrote a lot today, it was a great day we didnt want

small poppies to end!
well i didnt want small poppies to end :)

I love you all this will be a future nostalgic moment.

Im bring back "quote of the post" its like Quote of the day but then i would have to do a post everyday too lazy! and by the way it rhymes! and maybe Photo of the post!

p.s if there are mistakes in this im too lazy to edit LOLOLOLOL

"Cry Me A River So I Can Swim In It And Laugh"

PS again i want my hair like this, but maybe purple or blue