hey yall

so lets talk about today

well i have yet to mention one of the best days of my life but anyways

went to apply for dymocks and got an abrupt interview
lets all hope i get the job man love love love books

and yeah jess and i had a pretty fun day

the day before snez and i went para which was also pretty fun cause i was meant to study

i also applied for this gaming store

and they had a card tournament and i asked how to play magic

and some nerdy asian bum bum was like "THATS NOT MAGIC AHHAHAHA"

and im like.. what a cunt

LOL fuck him he'll never get laid, he sounded so crude as well mannn

and yeah walk around went back to cabra and met with Danny and William

they ate ham and carrots and potatoes and drank some cola

it was nice

i took a nap while they were studying chemistry

that was about it

fun hanging out

yeah now lets get down to the nitty gritty


  • NOTHING BEATLES PLEASE, there is a high chance i already have it LOL
  • NO WAIT I WOULD LOVE THE "HELP" movie tho, the beatles, but thats it
  • pulp fiction poster
  • John lennon glasses
  • heart shape sunglasses
  • "cat eye" sunglasses found at sports girl, they also have another vintage looking one
  • Band shirts (led zeppelin, pink f, jimi hendrix, the smiths, rage against the machine, the cure)
  • velvet, just a shit load of velvet material
  • etch-a-sketch (mini)
  • va books, i love drawing
  • tartan shirts, i dont care what colour, i just love em, BIG MUST BE BIG!!
  • BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS ( i am a MASSIVE fan of penguin paper backs, orange books)
  • the beautiful and damned 
  • Catcher in the Rye 
  •  a clockwork orange
  • frankenstien
  •  the hounds of baskervilles (sherlock <3)
  • Jane Eyre
  • Doctor Jekell and Mister Hyde
  • nineteen eighty four
  • ulysses
  •  American psyco
  •  to kill a mockingbird   
  •  the perks of being a wallflower
  •  wuthering heights  
  • Slyvia Plath or Edgar Allen Poes collection of poerty <3 
yeah i suck an zstufffff