I wrote another short story

2 Worlds

Feeling her fingers intwine into mine sends me into a whirlpool of bliss. Her soft skin against mine, the feel of her lips, the curve of her smile, the gleam of her teeth are the only thing keeping me breathing, yet she leaves me breathless.

 Wrapped under our sheets i could stay here forever, in her warmth, our warmth. Eventually we have to leave, we have to eat, work, do something, but for now this is forever. I hate leaving, i hate leaving our world.

 The streets were cold and out stomaches empty, it was finally the time to leave our home in search for food. I hated being outside. It was dreadful. I would watch her and it killed me.

The solitary pale face, the detached gaze, balled fist and pursed lips. How i wanted to hold her and let her fingers melt into mine. But i would of only made her, them, angry. The air is cold, she is cold.

Home at last, it greets me with open arms and a kiss. She holds me and the heat is back. I rather starve then lose this woman, the woman i love.

She holds me tighter and her breath says sorry into my ear. Its Ok. I understand. My heart sinks and i try and hold her tighter.

Suffocating in affection we hold each other for that moment longer trying to forget, trying to be the only two people in the world.

She kisses me again, withdrawing from out embrace. Sliding her fingers across my palm she holds my hand to her face and kisses me once more, slipping on a ring.

"We can pretend" she says with a smile, i watch the ring on my left hand, second finger, for now we are the only people in the world, in each others worlds, our worlds. (hint they are lesbians)