Holden Caulfield, has become an icon for teenage rebellion

So for the past few months or so i suppose i have been reading CATCHER IN THE RYE

i love the book dearly, i think it has to be my favourite, i never really had a favourite book but this is a winner

it is a saturday and the second last week of school has finished

it hasnt effected me i tell myself

or has it?

a twinge of teenage rebellion has hit me recently and i dont know why

is it the fact ive been good at school and i feel like its time to change that?

is it Holden Caulfield because i now want to model my life after him

Everything he says i feel like i understand, his conversation with sally, saying all those things about leaving
and that he truly meant it

i understand dearly

i tend to say things to people with optimism and they look at me kinda funny and i realise what i just said is extremely unrealistic and so i say jokes

And when he keeps mentioning he is so very lonesome and he just wants someone to talk to oh how i understand and when they dont listen and call him immature! i just understand so dearly!

when he talks about Allie and James Castle it breaks my heart

it was a fantastic book

So anyways lets talk about my rebellion

On Sunday a mate of mine sister got married and a number of mates went to the wedding

it sounded smashing and i was jelly

i wanted to party

i felt so locked and isolated while i sat in my bed
so lonesome

so i just realised that i wanted out of this boring mundane life

so started wearing my clothes different and wearing the wrong shoes at school
i know that isnt "badass" or anything but i kinda wanted to be told off

so anyway it was a tuesday and i DID NOT want to go home

i know that i would just sit there and do nothing but stare blankly at my fucking laptop and wasting my life away i wanted to be a little wild, rebel

i said FUCK THIS

and decided to hang wit tha boiz

Danny, Eeh, DOOF and i walked to canley hoping to go skate boarding but the dilemma is

we didnt have a skateboard so we were talking about what we should do

soon we realised we were right beside a liquor store

so we went to eeeeeees house so he could get dressed

hung out a bit

then off we went

we didnt know where to drink but we were

i guess

kinda desperate

someone had a lovely idea and we went to davids house

at his house we had a nice drink and sorta partied

it was really fun, snez stopped by it was great

and so i went home

my dad was PISSED cause i forgot my phone that day and i claimed i was locked out

i could tell he was waiting until my mother got home to tell me off

when she  did he was bitching about me to her and she said

cause i planned myself

that i called her, well tried to, through a friends phone

and thats enough trust from her

so i completely got away with everything

that was such a fun day

Thursday came along and i was dreading to go to maths

luckily the counsellor wanted to see me!

YAY I WAS FREE for a period

then after our session i was going back to class but saw trinhity at the corner of my eye

RUTHLESS i exclaimed as we began to chat

i sat there for about 5 more minutes until Michael and Fadi appeared and stroke up a conversation

they persuaded me not to go and so i spent a whole period not in maths
one of the best decisions of my life

the same thing happened the week before

i was off at counsellor

(wait let me just tell you about how much of a bitch my stupid fucking art teacher is, the counsellor called me up during her class twice and she was like "YOU CHOOSE THE SESSIONS DONT YOU" fucking bitch i fucking didnt. cunt. anyways she was like "so you seeing the counsellor?" and yeah i was like yeah and she was like "You feeling a bit stressed?" and wasnt gonna answer that nosey bitch so i just nodded and she was like "WELL THATS LIFE" fucking bitch cunt man she doesnt even know the real fucking reason just ugh i wanna slap her so nosy ok back to the rebellion story)

and while i was walking back to class Claudia, Molica and Jenny were sitting there like mermaids

calling me with their song

and letting me drown in rebellion

but i did eventually go to class

that is all i suppose

it twas a nice week

i think school ending is hitting my now

how upsetting

You're Not the First Person Who was Ever Confused and Frightened and Even Sickened by Human Behaviour -Mr Antolini From Catcher In The Rye