i dont know why i feel sad sometimes but i just do

i notice the only times i want to write on this blog is when i am sad

but today was fun

i had a nice day

it was lovely

one of those teenage experiences ive always wanted to explore

So i finally finished my art exam

finished my drama trials

and so my lovely drama group decided  to go eat thai

it was lovely, tasted great, good service

the people were so sweet so anyway we wanted to celebrate the end of trials

and throughout the  day i kept asking

is anyone 18?

turns out e decided to join us

so from then on we just hung out in cabra, i wearing boots, fishnets and a slap full of lipstick


and then well we went to Jennys house

from there we began to do some essays and multiple choice

i did 2 essays and only a few multiple choice

i hate multiple choice its not nice

and after 2 essays i began to get a little light headed and yeah

slurred my words

felt dizzy

and my mum picked my up

and from then i just felt

like a teenager

thats odd isnt it

i am just finally happy

and its about to end

this sucks


im sad