i want him more than anyone in my life

I am sorry about my previous hissy fit

lets carry on to the life and times of your dearly beloved Maria Chan

it is already the 3rd week of high school which makes me wanna throw up
i havent been studying which is really really really bad DAMN YOU INTERNET!
and well i am in love!

It was a wednesday and the drama class decided to go on a lovely excursion!

It was so inspiring watching the different acts and watch a team WORK TOGETHERR

and then, this one act came on
it was just so fantastic
it was so funny i almost died, not to mention the lovely piece of ass onstage!

The play was about these 3 men going after a mythical creature which is adorable as fuck
It was very monty python not to mention on the the characters names is Monty :O:O

But i just feel in love with one of the actors he was hilarious! He was tall and had black hair

Anyways enough with the teenage hormones
Lets carry on to SPORT AND THE WEATHER

i dont know why i said that
i dont know why i say many things

maybe it is because i love to embarrass myself in public
i do, you know? making strangers laugh, not a better feeling
i tend to wave my arms about with an obscure comment

people stare at we weirdly but i dont mind
i admit i am an attention seeker, i am a drama queen after all

i love EYES ON ME

see what an egotistical maniac i am?

i am perfect for an actress (OHHHHHHHHHHH SNAP)

i am also having an identity crisis, i try and be someone im not and i dont know its me, i guess i have to wait until it hits me and i know who i am. I mean i have had many phases

  • Year 6 K-pop phase
  • Year 7 Anime Phase
  • Year 8 Lebanese people rock phase
  • Year 9 Scene/emo phase *face palm*
  • Year 10 Paramore Pop Rock Phase
  • Year 11 Hippy/indie Phase (BEATLES AND PSYCHEDELICNESS)
  • Year 12 Grunge Phase
Ive noticed in all the stupid phases ive always stuck with black nail polish and black clothing.

I love black, half of my cupboard is black! I guess i finally noticed what kinda fashion i like which is grunge, i thought it was punk but punk was too extreme. I would be the weirdest punk out there, i rock up in studs and leather, and a slab of eyeliner and then


"OMFG GUYS WASSUPPPP! *chest bump* now lets discuss our political views! "

Ive asked people if they thought i was sarcastic, i think i am honestly, bobina thinks i am, Sue thinks i am, no one else really does.

I think its because my sarcasm is to subtle, if people payed more attention to what i say they would see that i am very insulting and sarcastic, thank you Daria!

I think i am going to write down comments that i like and begin to write like a comedy routine, i would actually love to be a comedian, but i would play the race card a lot and it might offend.

But the best jokes are the offensive ones you gotta admit, i think the jokes ill write would be more the the first world problems and teenagers so a lot of people would relate.
Go on Australias got talent and embarrass myself even more in front of a whole nation, good times.
Anyways if my acts sucks they would forget me within a month, you know how fast people move on!

I am getting into listening to live shows, the music is different from studio, you see how much talent the artist really has, and plus guitar sounds more dirty and rugged, i like. I love seeing how tired the artist get and rocking out to their own songs with sweat dripping down their faces awesome.


I love the Black Keys, and gosh he is really rocking the beard

My future husband HAS to have the ability to grow a beard so when we get old we can become fat and creepy, AWWW YEAAH.

Talking about the future, my kids can be my novelty items
I want my daughters name to be Stacey, WHY YOU ASK!? well i am glad you asked


And i wanna name my son LUKE! WHY AGAIN YOU ASK!?
so my husband can be like


And i would like to thank everybody for the bad future mother of the year award, i appreciate your votes!

Gooodbyeeeee and ROCK ON

I Would Probably Adore You With Your Hands Around My Neck