man i suck at keeping a blog

i always write like half a story give up
and never look at you for another million years

so hi again, person who will never read this!
how are you? GOOD? HUH GOOD?
yeah thought so biotch

SOMEONES BIPOLAR TODAY and a tad bit schizophrenic

HA! Anyways wassuup??
I am very bored and craving for a beatles fix
I am currently working on a poster called "lucy in the sky with diamonds"
It has a picture of a girl taking an lsd tab and have images linking to the song, yeahhh..
I had the idea for a while but never finished it

What else?
I got a type writer! LOVE IT TO BITS
I am writing memoirs to myself
Very VERY personal
i write about my raw feelings, things i would admit to no one.
Shouldnt of told you that... HA WHO CARES NO ONE IS READING THIS!

i also have a record player, i only 3 vinyls and i crave for more.
I love it to bits its so beautiful and just pure genius whoever created it
it has groves cut into it (the vinyls) and the needle picks up the sound
when i turn the volume all the way down you could still hear the tune the needle is picking up
simply beautiful
no one makes an effort to make something so beautiful anymore
I wil i lived in the 60s/70s
I could live in an era where something mattered
where they fought for something
Nowadays people are brain dead crying over talentless fools

Sigh how i yearn for new talent to enlighten my inner musician, i want to want to play the guitar again.

but i have to do with techo dance freaks with auto-tuned voices ugh!

sometimes i sound so fucking hipster.