John’s still standing there in the doorway, and for a long, time-less second, Mr. Holmes side-steps mere micrometers away from John. Every hair on John’s body stands to attention at the feel of his body heat so very close. John’s eyelids can’t help but flutter.

But Mr. Holmes swans off, seemingly not noticing. He grabs Watson’s exam from his desk, and idly flourishes it towards John.

John  reaches out, tentatively, and takes it. For the barest instant, their index fingers brush. John feels as if he’s been shocked, withdrawing his hands quickly to fidget in his button-up and school jumper. Mr. Holmes smirks, a little, before sitting at the edge of his desk.

Mr. Holmes is in his usual suit, and the long lean legs of his trousers are stretched out in front of him, crossed at the ankle. John feels like they go on forever, up and up and up.
Isnt gay fan fiction amazing?

Well i didnt write that but its just so hegdjnvbehidjnvueirgfnsdjkcuinregjfkdv

i swear to god i have been reading too much gay erotica
too much Johnlock

but i cant help it
its so fascinating!!!!! 
so amazing
I love the ones which are kinda so
i dont know
i just 

makes me so nvrugcfghjvjlibve like giggly and stuff!

i just- i cant- its just so beautiful
like i see homosexuality in a whole different light right now
not like i was a homophobe or anything
but its making me re-consider my sexuality     

i mean can i just say they make anal so appealing AHAHHAHAHAH

i mean yeah just yeah its just

i never understood anal before, like 
its just taking a shit backwards

but after reading fan fiction.... erotica i just

its not sex to them

its making love

i just why am i talking about this?

who cares no one reads this

ill probably read this in like a year and be like 

what were you thinking maria

ahahhahaha but yeah ever since fan fiction i have to admit ive been writing my own (embarrassing i know)

but yeah ever since fan fiction and the minor character (starring david tennant) 
ive been wanting to write

and i this is me over the past few weeks